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Western Union

International Wire Transfer To Pakistan

Probably the fastest and easiest way to send money in a hurry. You can send funds either online with a credit card or via a Western Union agent with cash. The money is sent via an international money transfer and normally only takes minutes. Western Union has over 3215 agents in Pakistan. The procedure to pay online and send funds overseas is simple.

How To Send Money Online With Western Union

Send money online using your bank account at Simply go to the western Union site in the top right corner select your country from where the funds are being sent from, this will ensure that the amounts being debited will be in your local currency. Then select Pakistan in the Price It column and the amount you wish to send. You will be given details of the charges and the estimated amount the receiver in Pakistan will receive. If you wish to proceed click send now and you will need to enter the first name, last name and town of the receiver. You will then need to enter your personal information including an email address - always use a valid email address as this is where your confirmation receipt is sent to. Once these details have been entered you will be transferred to a screen to confirm a contact telephone number for yourself and confirmation of the amount the receiver will get. You can also select additional services of sending a message (up to 200 English characters) or the receiver can be notified by phone that the funds are available - both these services incur a surcharge. On the next screen you will be able to modify the amount being sent and you then enter your credit or debit card details. The following screen allows you to review all the information and make changes if necessary. If you proceed you will be given a MTCN (money transfer control number) - this will also be emailed to you. This number will need to be provided by the receiver at the Western Union agent in Pakistan together with ID before the funds will be released.

Fund transfers usually only take a few minutes to transfer however, due to anti-money laundering laws, you may receive an email requesting you phone Western Union to confirm your details - once verified the funds are released. If you do not phone them within 24 hours the transaction will be cancelled. Once funds are collected by the receiver an email confirming the pick up has occurred will be sent to you.


  • Very quick - usually funds are transferred within minutes
  • The exact amount sent to the receiver is know prior to proceeding with transfer
  • Transfers can be carried out online anywhere in the world
  • You will receive emailed confirmation of the pick up
  • Receiver will be paid cash in Pakistan Rupees
  • Receiver does not need a bank account to receive funds


  • Can be costly - fees are dependant on the amount sent
  • You may be required to phone Western Union to confirm your details


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